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The digital ear is coming,while we are exposed to the data falsifying, forgery and defacement.
We need to uphold the right of our electronic data, and BAOQUAN.COM is the one-stop platform for you with its services of electronic data attestation, evidence acquisition and notarization.

File Attestation


Electronic files such as agreements, invoices, contracts, emails and originalities. We offer complete, real and reliable blockchain based attestation service for them.

Data Attestation

For users’key data derived from a variety of business scenarios.We solidify them onto the cloud server as an independent third party.

Data Security

Message notarization against falsification, and we protect it indefinitely from further modification by blockchain.

Judicial Recognition

We provide one-stop notarization and judicial authentication services.Make our approach both technologically and judicially legitimate.

Blockchain Proof

Decentralised blockchain tech protecting the electronic data from defacement and falsification even from the service provider itself,which is unresolvable and unprovable by conventional centralized third party data preservation tech.


Blockchain data storage,

make your data unchangeable

Safe & Reliable

Data stored in thousands of

distributed nodes,avoiding the data

damage or loss

Easy & Quick

Use blockchain data attestation

in just three steps

Low cost

Blockchain attestation can save your cost

by 1000 times comparing with the

traditional way

Industry Solution


Internet Finance

Mutual Insurance


Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Customer Cases

Zjmax.com is the Internet financial information matching platform for new-type urbanization investment and financing intermediary service , that is developed by Zhejiang Shuniu Financial Information Service Co., Ltd.

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Suanlibao.com is the cloud mining rental platform which is developed by Zhejiang Suanlibao Network Technology Co., Ltd. Its major business is cloud mining.

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公司动态 行业信息

保全网获数千万融资 欲借助区块链技术打造连接现实与虚拟的平台


10/23   区块链和大数据:医疗保健症结的解决方案

  2016    尽管大数据使人们开始热烈讨论人口健康和预测分析的未来,医疗保健……

10/23   微信公众号发布侵权信息可保全

  2016    尽管大数据使人们开始热烈讨论人口健康和预测分析的未来人们开始健……

10/23   版权侵权纠纷难以解决?区块链能够提供解决方案

  2016    尽管大数据使人们开始热烈讨论人口健康和预测分析的未来,医疗保健…..

10/23   微信公众号发布侵权信息可保全

  2016    尽管大数据使人们开始热烈讨论人口健康和预测分析的未来开始热烈讨论……

10/23   区块链和大数据:医疗保健症结的解决方案

  2016    尽管大数据使人们开始热烈讨论人口健康和预测分析的未来,尽管大数据……

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