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Zjmax.com is the Internet financial information matching platform for new-type urbanization investment and financing intermediary service , which is developed by Zhejiang Shuniu Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. The assets of online platform is  recommended by state-owned enterprise and financial institution.

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Choose Baoquan, attest users’ operation data

Zjmax.com connects with Baoquan.com for attesting users’ operation information, such as recharge, withdraw, purchase, assets transfer-in and assets transfer-out.  The file attestation process is combining operation behavior data with timestamp, attesting fingerprint data to the Blockchain while  encrypting file. It makes the users’ operation data on the platform well documented and unmodified.

Choose Baoquan, attest E-agreement of asset trade

Zjmax.com connects with Baoquan.com for attesting users’ agreements, such as investment trading agreements and purchase transfer trading agreements. Baoquan.com will encrypt these agreements and attest encrypted fingerprint data to the Blockchain, then upload the encrypted and separated file to Ali Cloud for storage.

Choose us, guarantee safety of each data

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