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What is electronic data attestation?

Electronic data attestation is a process and method to avoid falsification and assure the originality and objectiveness of information which is in form of electronic data(including text, diagram, alphabet, number, combination of colors, sound and any combination of them). This process and method achieve the goal by applying specific algorithm and encryption to record the exact standard time of attesting, calculated value and file reference etc.

Why shall we make attestation for electronic data?

Comparing with traditional forensics methods, the electronic data attestation has the advantages including low cost, efficient, classify, legitimate, authority etc., and it could help to prevent dispute in advance by attesting the data as evidence in early stage, therefore, it is the primary choice for electronic evidence forensics. The electronic data attestation equals to buy an insurance on the data. Once a dispute happens, interested parties could use the attestation made by third party to claim the notarization and go through forensic process, so that the legal rights could be surely protected.

The legitimation of electronic data attestation.

It is the common agreement of international law systems to acknowledge the electronic data as digital evidence. In the UK Association of Chief Police Officers Guidelines for cyber security, an independent third party verifiable data is included as the principle of integrity of evidence. Therefore, throw the blockchain data attestation process, the digital evidence would has a more comprehensive foundation. Additionally, if you would like to use your data in China as a digital evidence, the BAOQUAN.COM will provide the notarization and forensic authentication from our partnered authorities.

Is the attestation data in have judicial effect?

The attestation that in can directly apply for notarization, the written proof by the notary office.

Do I must verify the facticity of attestation through BAOQUAN.COM?

We utilize blockchain record and attestation method, therefore, when you do the facticity verification, you do not need the BAQOAUAN.COM. You should keep the packaged file after your attestation, and within the packaged file there is a detailed guide for you to instruct how to verify the data without BAOQUAN.COM.

What kind of blockchain do BAOQUAN.COM use?

We use Factom blockchain, and the Factom blockchain has been anchored to Bitcoin Blockchain.



What is blockchain?

Blockchain is the underlying technology used by Bitcoin. It could be described as a distributed ledger or database, which can keep every transaction data in record permanently. This technology has gain concerns by bank and financial industry because of its safety and convenience. It is a series of data blocks linked by crypto-algorithm, once a piece of information is verified and become a part of the blockchain, it will then store permanently and unchangeable.

What is the advantages of electronic data attestation by blockchain?

Blockchain is a series of data blocks linked in sequence of time, and formalise a specific structure of data as the chain. The chain structure is protected by cryptography from revoking and falsifying. Blockchain electronic data attestation make it a faster, effective and low cost solution for trust accreditation, because the technology has made the electronic data storage not only encrypted but also unchangeable so the originality can be assured.

What if the data stored on Blockchain has been leaked?

It is only the data fingerprint (hash value) that has been stored on the Blockchain but not the data content itself. Therefore, data leaking will not be the problem.

What if blockchain data get lost?

Blockchain is sharing the unified ledger, all nodes of the ledger will be synchronised. Only if all nodes on the globe are damaged, otherwise, data lost will not happen.

Why can’t we verify the blockchain data immediately?

Our attestation will insert our data fingerprint to the Bitcoin Blockchain in approximately every 10 minutes, therefore, you need to wait about 1-11 minutes for your attestation to be verifiable on the Blockchain.

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