Mutual Insurance Solution

Through the blockchain tech, it can build the transparent operation mechanism on Mutual Insurance Platform.

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Safety of Fund : Exist the risk of the cash pool under the prepaid insurance mode.

Safety of Information : Exist the risk of leaking personal information and disease information of policyholders.

Safety of Insurance Certificate : Exist the risk of security of users’ insurance certificate under the ‘Internet+ Insurance Certificate’mode.

Authenticity of Mutual Events : How to prove the validity of mutual events, as well as prevent and recover the fraud.

Public Scrutiny of Mutual Events : The financial details of mutual events need effective ways for the publicity and supervision.

Guarantee of Assistance : How to ensure that the applicant can receive a timely rescue when accident happens.


Trust Mechanism: Opened storage of blockchain, openness data, transparent data and

security data, building a transparent operating mechanism.

Data Attestation: Mutual Insurance fund and user information stored in blockchain, avoiding the data modification or loss.

Public Scrutiny: Attestation information can be queried in real-time, behavior can be supervised effectively.

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