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Through the blockchain tech, it can effectively protect the Intellectual Property of original works and the legal rights of original authors.

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Internet tort on intellectual property is not rear, especially the tort of copyright. However, due to the difficulties on recognizing the content and published time of works, self-raised right defending can hardly gain any legal advantages because of the lack of evidence. The tort problem makes the intellectual property a harder-hit area.


Document Attestation: The protection of authors’ rights including but not limited to any kind of text, image, video, etc.

Real-time Attestation: Compiling the safe-guard storage for authors’ works, so that the originated time, content and the author could be matched accurately, therefore, the proof of intellectual property, authors’ right protection could be achieved.

Judicial Notarization: The author can apply for notarization for the content of stored works, and fight against any tort criminals.

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