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Through the Blockchain tech, it prevent the content of electronic instrument from being illegal modification, and ensure the electronic instrument has equal legal effect with paper bill.

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The governance procedure involved in E-government system is more strict and rigorous than other internet activities. The data accuracy and integrity is the key for showing government authority, therefore, any activities participants of governance process should be traceable. However, the conventional way is to rely all the trust issue on platform itself which lead to a counterparty trust problem.


Identity Attestation: Ensure the safety of administrative participants by electronic signature, CA certificate, etc.

Data Attestation: The electronic data can be stored as a third-party through blockchain, which can be synchronized to the cloud environment to be solidified.

Data Encryption: Ensure the security of platform data by using data encryption transmission mode.

Government Affair Opening: Through partial authorization, the E-government information platform will be more open and transparent, hence the government could also gain more trust from governance counterparties.

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