As one of the most experienced Blockchain entrepreneurial team, Shuqin has received 25 million yuan (~3.6 million USD) angel round funding recently. The funding was led by Dingfeng Capital, Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute of Hangzhou Branch, Jia Hui Ze Co., and Dr. Lu Chunquan. And the Blockchain enterprises in Hangzhou have been noticed at home and abroad in the early before the summit.


On the other way, as a support party for this summit, Shuqin has sent more than 1500 electronic tickets to the participants by blockchain technology. Even one person may buy more than one ticket, all these can be clearly distinguished due to the unique hash value. Moreover, the immutability characteristic of Blockchain not only put an end to the possibility of faking tickets, but also obtain the Blockchain summit ticket for a permanent memento of participant certificate. The Global Blockchain Financial Summit(Hangzhou) as the first summit to create the industry agglomeration from regional to national, therefore, it will be a memorable initiative.


During the summit, Shuqin showed the detailed block for the guests about what data will be included, and how to connect the network nodes. The CEO Gao Hang took all kinds of false and fraud information on the Internet as the opening, using simple language to introduce the uniqueness of cryptography, then to ctreating a digital trust world of the Internet. He also pointed out that Baoquan plays an indipensable role in the evolution of the trusted Internet road.


During the interview of summit, Shuqin also revealed that Blockchain has made a great breakthrough in the protection of intellectual property and the online transaction. Shuqin has reached the cooperation with Hangzhou Shibei, provide blockchain technology for the trusted electronic certificate, underlying support for the efficient ownership of intellectual property and the traceability of authorized suggestion. User can achieve the rights registration in a several seconds by Blockchain, then to issue the digital judicial expertise paper by Chain Forensic Science, providing the judicial protection for digital registration.


Therefore, Shuqin won the prize of technical innovation top 10 based on the electronic certificate product of Baoquan, which is recognized by Zhejiang University, Beihang University, Tsinghua University and other experts organizations.



In addition to the cooperation between enterprises, Shuqin also cooperates with Hangzhou Normal University to build the “Big data + Blockchain collaborative innovation lab”. During the meetup, the CEO Gao Hang of Shuqin, the executive director Xie Qi of Hangzhou Normal University and other participants witnessed the opening ceremony together, and showed the blockchain attestation certificate. For the establishment, Shuqin will provide the technical guidance, which can help university to cultivate talents and serve society, then to achieve the deeper coorperation between the two sides, further to promote the construction of ecology and the development of industry for big data and Blockchain.


As the founder member of the association for blockchain technology and application, Shuqin has engaged in the compiling work for 《Hangzhou Blockchain Industry development report》. During the summit, the co-founder Yu Xuemai explained the report from various angles. For the report, it indicates that the amount of Hangzhou Blockchain enterprises has ranked second, which starting early with strong vitality. Meanwhile, the report also pointed that there is a lack of  policy to support for Blockchain enterprises compared to Shanghai and Beijing. While the summit announced the establishment of association for Blockchain technology and application, also issued the related policy for Blockchain industry, then to promote Hangzhou to worldwide.


As the largest global Blockchain community, Hyperledger also participated in GBFS. The vice president Julian Gordon of  Hyperledger said that China will gradually become the main part of Blockchain commercial community, and Hyperledger also set up a China technical team for communication, further to create an open, secure and stable Blockchain platform in the business environment. Among them, the enterprise certification program of Shuqin which is based on Fabrib has been affirmed as a case.


For the summit,  the talents in various fields have gathered, including finance,technology, Internet, academic institution and government sectors. The Blockchain electronic ticket from Shuqin have been showed for public, as well as Blockchain bill transaction from 33.CN, and Blockchain public welfare from ANT Financial. As a result, the underlying technology for Blockchain has got close to public, “Blockchain + New finance+ Smart life” will become a new label for China’s new Sillicon Valley in Hangzhou.