Hyperledger Meetup was held in Zhejiang University in Hanghzou in March 13th by Hyperledger( the world’s largest Blockchain alliance). At the appointed time, Brian Behlendorf (the founder of Apache & the executive director of Hyperledger ) attended the conference, and showed the lastest technology and application achievements of Blockchain together with the Hyperledger members (Dr. Li Wei: CEO of Hyperchain, Dr. Huang Butian: CEO of Yunphant, Mr. Zhang Yifeng: President of ZhongChao Smart Card Research Institute, Mr. Wu Sijin: Founder of, Mr. Yu Xuemai: Co-founder of Shuqin Hangzhou.

Before the meetup, Wang Lei(Member of Hangzhou Blockchain preparatory group) revealed that the global Blockchain summit will be held in Hangzhou at the end of April this year, with the opening ceremony of Hangzhou Blockchain Association of application and technology.


Yu Xuemai shared Blockchain application in insurance with the stored and proved digital electronic data which can be accessed to judicial expertise. And Blockchain can store the reality and integrity in the digital world. The new project about trusty network ecology will be in the near future landing by


The executive director Brain of Hyperledger made an introduction about Hyperledger, and hyperledger is the fastest growing open source project in Linux which involving banks, finance, things of Internet and so on. Hyperledger has 30 members in China, more than 120 members in the world so far. As a member of Hyperledger, Baoquan has devoted itself in the research of Blockchain application, and give support to the development of Hyperledger in China.


This Blockchain meetup doesn’t only mean the first meetup in Hangzhou by Hyperledger, but also means a significant technical exchange between Blockchain enterprises. Of course, we can believe that Hangzhou will cause the world’s attention  in the Blockchain industry in the near future.