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Zhejiang Shuqin Technology Co.,Ltd is a innovating enterprise that is devoted to the blockchain development and application. We have made a great contribution to the development of blockchain chip design, primary digital asset transaction and consensus mechanism network from 2013. Founded in 2015, BAOQUAN.COM is a one-stop service platform for e-data attestation with the experts from the industry chain, the financial, the law, etc.

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Leader of China Centre for Blockchain Applications Zhejiang branch, Internet Finance and Tax information professional. One of the earliest entrepreneur in Chinese blockchain industry. The CEO of and former CTO of Co-author of “Cryptocurrency”, ”Agile Innovation”, and “Blockchain and the new economy: the era of Cryptocurrency 2.0”

Gao Hang



Graduated from Wuhan University in Electronic Business. He has been working for state enterprise, private financial institution and internet financial institution for years that owned deepest product and project practice. Meanwhile, he has been involved in multiple PPP projects, information management projects and is familiar with the financial business.

Hu An

Product Manager


Received the doctor degree of Beihang University in Electronic Engineering. Have been working for CSRC, CAPCO and Citic Trust Co.Ltd. He earned the second/third prize of technology progress in Secutities and Futures Industry. He has drafted the financial industry standard and a national standard.The co-author of “Blockchain and the new economy: the era of Cryptocurrency 2.0”

Wang Maolu

Chief Scientist


Graduated from University of Liverpool with First class degree in BSc E-Finance, and also holding MSc in Financial Risk Management with Distinction from ICMA Centre, University of Reading. Have been working in stated-owned banks, foreign banks, private financial corporate as well as PE sector. Translated “Agile Innovation” and is the co-author of “Blockchain and the new economy: the era of Cryptocurrency 2.0”

Yu Xuemai

General Manager Assistant

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